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Spider - Chris Jones


SPIDER (Chris Jones)

With valuable experiences gained from opening for the likes of Kansas and Meat Loaf in the 80s, Spider formed Live She Cries after returning to Vancouver from L.A. See Home page for a full biography.


Bass /
Backing Vocals

Mark White

This killer 6 string bassist, has done it all, from backing up such artistís as Johnny Cash to Foghat. This bassist is a metal maniac which gives the pulse to Live She Cries. Born in the small town of Alert Bay, near Vancouver Island he later moved to Vancouver and has been rocking out ever since..


Rob Maingot

This heavy yet melodic shredder carries with him a very unique sound. Rob is the metal riff master which will take Live She Cries to new heights. He has been part of the music scene for many years. His background is widely diverse, having played and worked with bands from Henry Small to Prism, this has afforded Rob the opportunity to expand his chops in all styles of music. Live She Cries is on a run with madness and with the killer hooks of Rob, we shall over come.


Rolf Popp


Jason Zrnic

Coming from a metal background, Jasonís been waiting years to find the sound that Live She Cries has. It emulates all the characteristics of his favorite style of music -the thunderous bass drum, combined with the classic snare cymbal syncopation makes this music perfect for his style . Born in Vancouver Jason has been a fixture in the Vancouver rock scene.

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