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CHRIS JONES (SPIDER) - After doing a successful stint in the Los Angeles area in a band that backed up such luminaries as Meat Loaf and Kansas, Spider came back to Vancouver where he met Harry Degan, ex guitarist of Kradle. Here the two started writing songs, and in the late 80's formed LIVE SHE CRIES. Since that time Harry has left the group, but the sound has stayed true, hard rock with a metal edge.

In the 90’s Spider met Tim (THE RAZOR) Hitchens and continued. But in 1993 all seemed lost for LIVE SHE CRIES as the voice and soul of the band, Spider, was involved in a near fatal car accident. In 2001 Spider again hooked up with Tim to start recording the bands first CD.

Their songs and lyrics are written to have variety, energy, and commercial potential without losing the aggressive trademark sound of L.S.C. consistent in all their songs.

Spider knows this could not have happened without the help of many, from his father to the doctors that helped put him back together. Others that helped with this project are Robbie Smith, Bassist from THE BROTHERING, Drummer Ray Hartman formerly of ANNIHILLATOR, and Producer, Paul Blake.

Now the band has taken on a new direction, and is delving into being a large theatrical band. L.S.C. songs, image, coupled with a straight forward approach and business attitude, interlock to make LIVE SHE CRIES, a strong marketable product not to be over looked.

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